Mural Artist
Cale Hosking

Hailing from the salty coastal plains of the beautiful South West, local artist Cale Hosking spent his early years surfing and playing in the natural beauty of Gnaala Karla Booja country.

Cale’s early career as a sign writer saw him perfect traditional sign writing brush skills, using a Mahl Stick to create beautiful hand painted signs.

This is reflected in the style and medium used in his works as Seven Sphere Creations, using fine brush control to create geometric style art with acrylic paints on boards or on walls as murals.

He now calls the Perth Hills home and enjoys the quiet and peaceful natural spaces that this part of Whadjuk Noongar country has to offer.

Cale is inspired by nature and how geometry manifests through all levels of creation. His artworks reflect the forms, patterns and codes that are symbolic to our own inner realm and structures of awareness.

Artworks by Seven Sphere Creations are an invitation to continue your own exploration of the realms of awakening and consciousness expansion.

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